The Game City Family

our fabulous member companies and organizations


CANWZ in Sweden AB
Coastalbyte AB
CommuniSport AB

Divine Robot AB
The Game Assembly
Gameport (BBI)

Massive Entertainment
Media Evolution

Mediocre Games AB
Nordic Game Resources AB
Ozma Speldesign AB

Planeto AB
Frictional Games AB
Illusion Labs

Redikod AB
Midnight Hub AB
Tarsier Studios AB

Forgotten Key AB
Frogsong Studios AB
Nordisk Film Games
Newnorth Technology

The Game City board

a group of passionate industry professionals


Johan Toresson
COO at Blekinge Business Incubator (GamePort). Founder of Creative Coast Festival in Karlshamn
Emma Mellander
Producer at Tarsier Studios. Member of steering group at The Game Assembly. Previously Producer at the Nordic Game Conference.
Oliver Merlöv
Producer at Massive Entertainment.
Karin Ryding
Founder and Creative Director at Ozma.
Ann-Sofie Sydow
Project Manager at The Game Assembly, Member of the board at Spelplan, Senior Educational Coordinator at Swedish Games Industry.
Martin Walfisz
Chairman. Founder & CEO of Planeto. Member of the Board of Directors at Spelplan – Association of Swedish Game Developers.